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Bespoke blind fittings

Blinds are the perfect option for adjusting the amount of light leakage and security your property has. You will be able to choose from a range of different styles and cut of blind to help them seamlessly blend into your style interior decorating style.

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Range of styles & colours 

When you work with our team of professionals at MKL Services, you will have access to a wide range of different styles and colours of blind. From blackout blinds all the way through to Roman blinds, our team will find the perfect blind for you and your requirements.

Reduce Light Pollution

Another benefit of blinds is the control over lighting within your property. You will be able to adjust the length and angle of blinds to allow as little or as much light into your property as you would like. This will help you maintain the atmosphere that you feel most comfortable in.

Increased Privacy

Through the way in which they are designed, blinds can add an extra layer of privacy to property without the sacrifice in natural light. All of our blind designs and systems have been created with security in mind.

Easy to Maintain

You will find that blinds are also incredibly easy to maintain and clean. All you will need to do is occasionally wipe down the blinds with a cloth to remove any dust build-ups.


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